'at home' pottery painting packs

It is so much fun for all ages and absolutely no experience is required. You can get packs sent to a few houses and set up an online paint session together with cousins and friends.

Minimum pottery spend of €25 is required (2 ornaments).

If you have a Giddy Studios ‘Tile’ voucher, please email helena@giddystudios.com


“We had to cancel a very special birthday party due to covid lockdown and so instead, to mark the day we ordered DIY packs to each of our houses from giddy studios. We did a family zoom call and we all painted our pottery pieces "together". We had such a nice time and we will definitely be back for more lockdown or not!”
Sara Sheridan

“I have bought and used these at-home kits many times now and find them great value for money and we have gotten hours of entertainment from them with lovely moments at the end. Highly recommend”
Joanna Fortune
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