Christmas Team Event - Bauble Painting


Christmas Bauble Painting & Meaningful Connection with your Team:

A chance for everyone to get in the Christmas spirit and paint pottery together. The gathering can include some aspects of Mindfulness & Gratitude practice (optional). This Event is a really lovely way to bring Teams together in a meaningful way; a great way to grow and enhance relationships.

The Bauble Event Pack includes:

  • 1 bauble
  • A paint set of 6 colours
  • A paint mixing guide
  • 2 small brushes for detail
  • Brush on glaze
  • Minimum spend €490 (10 packs/persons)

Contact Helena on to book.

€49 per person (different prices available for un-hosted events; supply of packs only - also different prices available when the event doesn't include the per person pack - email for details)

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