Mindfulness for Teams

We work with teams through mindfulness to:
- Reduce Stress
- Enhance Connection
- Cultivate fulfillment & enjoyment

The goal of our engagement is to integrate mindfulness based practises into Team’s day-to-day.
🌳 Team wellness is a priority
🌳 Breath work & mindfulness lower the heart rate, reduce stress levels & pave the way for clearer thinking
🌳 Regular practise results in enhanced relationships with our peers, colleagues, clients and ourselves; self-compassion is at the core of our approach

We meet in an online or inperson, live setting after a Team Meeting - the solution goes hand-in-hand with hybrid working.

We also get to gather in person and paint pottery together - a gratitude jar - to form part of a thankfulness based #mindfulritual
To find out more about Helena Dilleen** visit www.linkedin.com/in/helena-dilleen-giddystudios


Helena’s professionalism and warm personality is a winning combination for providing this wellness support for staff in the post-pandemic environment. Those who had experience or interest in mindfulness were able to access its benefits very quickly. Those who had no experience and might have been wary or skeptical were put at ease and take part as little or as much as they wished. The pottery painting session was a big hit and really enjoyable way to bring everyone together and maintain connections.

Carol Boate, National Lottery Regulator

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