Pause + Paint: In-Person Pottery Painting & Mindfulness Event

49.00 pp

Mindfulness & Pottery Painting for work teams & special occasions

Pause & enjoy quality connection time with your team; paint a gratitude jar or plant pot together.

Make it a mindful morning slot; or the last ‘meeting’ of the day; or celebrate achievements together by pausing, reflecting and painting.

The Pause Pack , €49 per person, includes:

  • Pot (9cm)
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Glaze
  • + all materials required
  • Guided Session including mindfulness
  • Minimum spend €490 (10 packs/persons) 
    • Additional hosting fees may apply depending on location

€49 per person - (different prices available for un-hosted events; supply of packs only - also different prices available when the event doesn't include the per person pack - email for details)


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