The Connect & Reflect Christmas Kit - 2 bauble pack


The Connect & Reflect Christmas Kit has been designed to inspire friends, teammates and family to carve out some moments of connection together, painting decorations and reflecting on the highlights of the year.

It’s perfect for everyone from groups of friends & work colleagues, to families with children of all ages including teenagers.
It’s also ideal for capturing baby handprints. Imagine reflecting together on your little ones year so far ☺️
The science; gratitude and connection and journaling have been accredited with improving our resilience, lowering stress, and boosting overall health. What better way to strengthen our gratitude muscle than with a Giddy Studios tutorial guided shared creative experience 🎨 🖊 🗒

Each pack contains:

  • Connect & Reflect Cards so you can journal on your year with teammates, family & friends
  • 2 baubles
  • A paint set of 6 colours
  • A paint mixing guide
  • 4 paint brushes
  • Paint sticks for paint mixing
  • Ribbon
  • A brush on bottle of special glaze (enough to cover 2 baubles)
  • Access to tutorial
  • Add Post & Packing €6.80 (Republic of Ireland)
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