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Bring mindfulness to life in your workplace with Giddy Studios.
Perfect for corporate teams, leaders, leadership coaches, performance coaches, employee engagement, HR, culture champions, and... Everyone :)

Why mindfulness?

Mindfulness invites us to stop, breathe and connect with ourselves and others.

This increases our self-awareness, and in that space of enhanced awareness we make better decisions.

Through connection with our breath and our senses we calm the mind and the nervous system. The net effect = less tension + more wellness for everyone.


+ wellness
+ quality of life
+ relationships
+ awareness
+ boundaries


- rumination
- stress
- anxiety
- conflict
- fatigue
mindfulness training session on zoom behind a silver bowl

What mindfulness means for business?

Mindfulness can improve several aspects of your business. Here are the percentages showing moderate to significant improvement (Forrester Consulting 2021).

Your Coach

Helena Dilleen is a trained mindfulness coach. In 2016 she started using the tools of mindfulness to help her in running her business and navigating day to day stressors. Her purpose is to empower people to attain well-being, foster personal growth, and achieve balance in life.

Need more info on how Mindfulness can improve your business?

Your gateway to mindfulness - make your plan.

For Teams

Mindfulness training

  • Group
  • 1-1's

Hosted mindfulness

  • Live
  • Pre-recorded

Mindfulness webinars + talks

  • Managing ‘empathy fatigue’
  • 10-minute toolkit
  • Listening to understand
  • Enhancing gratitude + appreciation
  • Compassion based leadership

Mindfulness based creative Events

Bespoke mindfulness programmes

For Individuals

Mindfulness training

  • Evening courses
  • 1-1's

The daily drop

  • Daily mindfulness messages

Thursday  tonic

  • Weekly, live, online sits

Clients include

“Enjoyed engaging with Helena Dilleen today running an online session for a client on mindfulness and how it contributes to more compassionate and effective leadership. The feedback from the leaders was that the practical exercises were a GREAT way to finish the week!”
PRISM Leadership + Change Consultancy

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