25 Minute Mindfulness Sits - Thursday Mornings


Would you like to craft your own regular mindfulness practise?

Or perhaps you already practise and would like a weekly live session to support your own work?

Join me for these LIVE sessions early on a Thursday morning - (recording will be available for any sits that you can't make):

6.45am to 7.10am

Price: donation model - initial sign up is free of charge

*if you would really like to attend but money is tight don't be stuck; just enter what you can pay below.

To find out more about Helena Dilleen** visit www.linkedin.com/in/helena-dilleen-giddystudios

**I am an accredited Mindfulness Coach and Practitioner for Children, Teenagers and Adults with a Level 5 Diploma received through studying with Louise Shanagher of Creative Mindfulness. This training is accredited to ACCPH & Life Practice Academy UK.

Having experienced how mindfulness has impacted my own life I am really passionate about holding a safe and secure space for others to explore its merits. There are loads of scientific studies reporting the benefits of mindfulness & the up-side of living a more awareness based life. I can completely vouch for this and am so so grateful to have built these skills into my toolkit over the past 6 years. However it is important to say that mindfulness is not a panacea / a fix-all. Sometimes it's really good to get additional support on our journey from our GP and or a Therapist. It is important to me that you don't feel isolated on this path so please reach out if the need for extra guidance presents for you.


  1. "This session was a wonderful way to start my Thursday. Helena Dilleen is an exceptional facilitator, creating such a comfortable and calm environment for any mindfulness experience level."
  2. "Loved this mindfulness session this morning! Thank you to Helena Dilleen."

Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions before signing up xx H

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